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colorectal cancer
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Colorectal Cancer Scientific Overview

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Age is considered the major unchangeable risk factor for sporadic colon cancer with nearly 70% of patients being over 65 years of age.
Breast Cancer

I dag markeres Verdens kreftdag

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Ventetiden kan brukes til å gjøre seg kjent med hvilke alternativer som ligger foran seg, innhente aktuell og troverdig informasjon om muligheter, skaffe seg...
cervical cancer
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Cervical Cancer Scientific Overview

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Cervical cancer is considered to be treatable and curable when identified at an early stage. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the main...
Breast Cancer
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Breast Cancer Scientific Overview

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Triple negative breast cancers are aggressive and can grow quickly, however, your prognosis depends on more factors than your cancer subtype.
Precision Medicine

An introduction to Personalised Medicine

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Biomarkers are becoming increasingly important in medicine and especially within the realms of personalised medicine. They are crucial for predicting....

Immunotherapy. Is it right for you?

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Checkpoint inhibitors are by far the most successful approach to immunotherapy devised so far. But they are not the only approach.
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