Our Mission.  

We provide patients with comprehensive, tailored information about their treatment options, enabling informed choices and collaborative decision-making with their healthcare providers.

The Personalised Report

The personalised Coremine Vitae report provides patients and their treating physicians with clinically relevant information tailored to each individual.

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Unlock Precision Medicine Insights

The report, based on patient-specific data and preferences, includes information about national and international clinical guidelines, biomarkers, emerging treatments, and clinical trial options.

Coremine Vitae is designed to give patients and their families confidence that every relevant treatment option has been thoroughly evaluated

There are no restrictions on the diagnoses or conditions that we can assess.

In 2022, there were
approximately 20 million
new cancer cases worldwide.
By 2050, the number of new
cancer cases is projected to
increase to 35 million,
compared to an estimated
20 million in 2022. (Source)


"From our first contact, we found the team to be serious and professional.

We were well looked after, and it was important to be able to discuss our thoughts and questions with someone outside the public system who had the necessary expertise."

Ragnhild Hylland Hansen

Mother of patient
"The material from Coremine Vitae has increased our level of expertise about cancer

and enabled us to ask relevant questions about treatment choices, and if necessary also challenge the treating doctors, both in the oncology and surgery departments."

Ingjerd Vestengen

"I would recommend a Coremine Vitae report to anyone who has the opportunity to do so!

Everything is very safe, respectful and very pleasant. A fantastic and serious company, which I hope many people will enjoy! (once you are unfortunate enough to get sick, I mean)"

Eva Helen Moen


Hospitals, private clinics and patient associations

We cooperate with public hospitals, private clinics and patient associations. Feel free to contact us to discuss a possible collaboration.