The Coremine Vitae team is here to support patients with cancer or other life-altering diseases
We aim to empower you as a patient with personalized information about your disease and possible treatment options.
As a patient you might have difficult choices ahead of you.
Normally, with your diagnosis,
your doctor will explain what treatment
has worked best for most people.
This is called standard of care.
But each person and each case is unique, and different people might benefit from different treatment.
This is called precision medicine.
You can get access to personalised treatment by providing your doctor with more specific information about your case.
In Coremine Vitae, a multidisciplinary team will work on your case and compile evidence based information on your disease and your genetic profile.
This information is unique to you, like your fingerprint.
A scientist from our team will explain to you and your doctor all your treatment options, including clinical trials and emerging treatments.
Now, you and your doctor can take the most informed decision about what treatment option is best for you.
The Coremine Vitae service
With the Coremine Vitae you get a multidisciplinary team of scientists and doctors working on your case. The team is here to provide you and your doctor with personalized evidence based information about your possible treatment options  You will get a dedicated patient contact you can communicate with through our secure portal CheckWare. In our first meeting we will have an onboarding conversation. In this conversation we listen to your medical journey and together map out your needs and preferences.
You get an overview with an accurate description of your journey, together with other relevant information needed to make decisions. It will provide you with a clear overview of your health situation, and an insurance that your medical records are correct. You can use the patient summary in consultations with different doctors, giving them a quick way of understanding of your situation.
Our team will make an easy-to-understand graphic illustration of your past, current and possible future treatment options. This section will tell you not only what comes next, but give you an assurance if the treatment you have gotten so far is the gold standard on the market. It will empower you with knowledge in meeting with the health care system and give the clinician the most up-to-date research tailored for your case.
The biomarker status may determine whether you are eligible for getting a targeted therapy. The biomarkers may also predict the outcome of a treatment and tell you how likely the prognosis of a treatment will be.  We do not provide genetic testing, but can assist you in finding out where you can test for additional biomarkers.
In this module we also provide a list of the most promising emerging treatments that are likely to be accessible for you. This can be through a clinical trial or as off-label use. We cannot apply for clinical trials for you, but we can help you find where to apply.
This module gives you suggestions based on evidence that may have a positive impact for you both psychologically and physically, improve quality of life and offer other health benefits that are related to changes in lifestyle.
You will get a summary of the results we have found for you. As the information we provide is science based and complex, we aim to explain all our findings in a comprehensive summary for you to get a quick understanding of your options. The information we provide will empower you to take charge of your own health situation and take an important part in decision making with your doctor.
The science team who has worked on your case will give you a presentation of all the information we have found for you. You can meet us physically in Oslo, or digitally through teams. We have time to answer your questions and talk about the road ahead. We can also have this presentation together with your doctor, answering his/her questions. Our multidisciplinary team have used time to discuss your case, and will have a deep understanding of your situation.
Precision Medicine is a cutting edge practice for cancer treatment
Because patients diagnosed with the same exact disease
Might benefit from very different
Approaches to their treatment.
Coremine Vitae Blog

"Ask a Scientist" Blog

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Just because two individuals are diagnosed with the same disease, it does not mean they should be treated in the same way, a concept known as personalised medicine. Personalised medicine, also referred to as precision medicine, is an emerging approach that uses an individual’s biologic profile (e.g., genetic, protein) to guide decision-making with regards to disease treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.
Clinical Trials: What are they and why are there “phases” to trials?
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Clinical trials differ from “pre-clinical” studies in that they involve human subjects. Often trials test new drugs, new combinations of drugs, new medical devices or surgical methods. They can also be designed to find new ways to use existing treatments or how to change behaviours to improve health quality of life.
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Examples of biomarkers include everything from blood pressure and heart rate to MRI findings to complex histologic and genetic tests in blood, other body fluids, or tissues that serves as an indicator of a particular physiological state. A biomarker’s detection may be a sign of a normal or abnormal process, or of a condition or disease.