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How Does it work?

How do I access my medical records?

You might have access to some of your medical records digitally, while some might be requested from your hospital through an official request sent by mail. You can download our guide to access your medical records here:

Download Veiledning here
Download Anmodning here

Which medical records do you need from me?

We need the following documents: 1. Latest epicrises from your treating hospital 2. Descriptions of CT/MRI pictures (from radiology) 3. Blood tests including tumour markers (if taken) 4. Histology report/and or genetic analysis (from pathology) 5. Other evaluations and/or reports which is done regarding diagnosis or treatment

How do I send you my medical records?

We prefer that you upload the relevant medical records digitally in our secure platform. If it is more convenient for you, you can also send us the medical records my mail. Your patient coordinator will assist you in sending us your medical records.

How do you store and handle my personal data?

Coremine Vitae follows all regulations on data security. You can read our privacy policy here

Privacy Policy

Why do we have to use a secure portal?

We take your health seriously. Because of the sensitive nature of medical information Coremine Vitae is legally and morally compelled to keep and handle your information in a secure portal

When will I receive my report?

To produce a personalized medical report requires time and resources, and the time spent on each report will vary from case to case. In the first conversation with your patient coordinator mapping out your needs, we will make an estimate for when the report is expected to be finished. We aim for 2-3 weeks from receiving all of your medical records.

In which language will the report be written?

The main report which is meant to share with your clinician will be in English. Because the content in the report is complex and meant for your clinician, we provide you with a patient friendly summary. For Norwegian patients, the summary will be in Norwegian. The communication and presentation can be in either English or Norwegian.

Can you send the report to my doctor?

If your doctor wishes to receive the report from us and you consent to share the report, we can send it directly to your doctor, but you would have to provide us with the contact details. We will write a cover letter to your doctor to explain how the report is meant to be used. We can also discuss your report with your doctor, or he/she can attend the presentation of the report

Does Coremine Vitae provide genetic testing?

Coremine Vitae does not perform genetic testing. We interpret the results and give you a comprehensive analysis. We will assist you in finding where you can do a genetic testing.

Does Coremine Vitae provide medical care?

Coremine Vitae does not provide medical care. We are a team of scientists and medical doctors evaluating the evidence of research relevant to you and your treatment options

Can Coremine Vitae diagnose me?

Coremine Vitae is not able to diagnose you, only your doctor can provide a valid diagnosis

Does Coremine Vitae provide legal or medical advice?

Coremine Vitae does not provide legal or medical advice. We find personalized information about your treatment options for you to discuss with your doctor and aid decision making about your next steps.

Does Coremine Vitae have doctors who can subscribe medicines for me?

The doctors at Coremine Vitae cannot subscribe drugs. We find information about emerging treatment options and potential drugs that can be accessed off-label. The information about how to access these treatments should be discussed with your doctor.

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