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Frequently Asked questions

Why do we have to use a secure portal?
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We take your health seriously. Because of the sensitive nature of medical information Coremine Vitae is legally and morally compelled to keep to handle your information in a safe portal.
Does Coremine Vitae provides genetic testing?
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Coremine Vitae does not perform the genetic, we interpret the results and give you a comprehensive analysis. We might suggest you take an additional test
Does Coremine Vitae provides medical care?
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We do not provide medical care. We are a team of scientist and medical doctors collaborating with biomedical software developers
Can Coremine Vitae diagnose me?
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Coremine Vitae is not able to formally diagnose you. Only your doctor can provide a valid diagnoses We can not guarantee that a patient will find a suitable treatment or ensure a patient will be cured.
Does Coremine Vitae provides legal or medical advice?
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Coremin Vitae does not provide medical and legal advice. We offer all possible treatment options based on your individual condition so you and your doctor can take a decision.
What is an off-label drug?
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Off-label means unapproved use of an approved drug (for other diseases). This is when a drug is used for a disease or medical condition other than the disease or condition for which is approved. For instance, prescribing a drug in lung cancer while it is only approved in breast cancer. This type of use is possible under some circumstances.
In what language will the report be in?
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The report will be written in English. Even though we are based in Oslo, we have an international team
Do you share my personal information with externals?
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We don't share your data with outsiders, and while some of them might be included in our database for reference and future use, it is anonymised and protected.