What we do:

Our story

Coremine Vitae is a trademark owned by the bioinformatics company PubGene AS. The company is located in Oslo, Norway, and is the daughter company of the US-based PubGene Inc. PubGene is an independent company with no commercial links to diagnostics and treatment providers.

In 2001, PubGene founders demonstrated one of the first applications of biomedical text mining. They went on to create the PubGene public search engine that identifies relationships between genes, proteins and other biomedical terms in MEDLINE literature. The connections are visualized as networks to provide an overview of possible relationships between terms and facilitate medical literature retrieval for relevant sets of articles implied by the network display.

Coremine Medical was an extension of the approach to include relationships between biomedical terms in general. That is, whereas the PubGene search engine is a gene-centric approach, Coremine Medical documents relationship between a huge range of biomedical terms, including Medical Subject Heading, Gene Ontology, Pharmaceutical, Chemical as well as Gene and Protein terms.

PubGene has built up extensive expertise in organizing and analysing big-data. The Coremine™ ICT platform with patent protected natural-language processing (NLP) algorithms and methods for biomedical text mining and information extraction has been extended with Coremine Oncology, a comprehensive platform for analysing high-throughput omics data, including cancer mutations from NGS, mRNA-sequencing data, and proteomics. 

These previous efforts constitute a solid foundation for establishing Coremine Vitae as a state-of-the-art product serving patients with serious and complicated diseases like cancer.