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Explore your options and discover treatment opportunities with a precision medicine report tailored to you.
A multidisciplinary team will work on your case and compile evidence-based information based on your diagnosis and genetic profile.


With Coremine Vitae Start you will, together with our team, find out how we can assist you in your situation

This is what you get:

ONBOARDING conversation 45 min​
A COREMINE VITAE ANALYST will review your medical documents* and structure the information into a Patient Summary
A GUIDE to understanding personalized medicine
Information about evidence-based lifestyle advice
QUESTIONS AND PREPARATIONS for your next doctor's appointment
EVALUATION and recommended Coremine Vitae Module based on your needs and preferences
FOLLOW-UP conversation 45 min
With the start package you can purchase personalized modules for your report. learn more

NOK 8 000

NOK 5 000



With Coremine Vitae Complete you will, together with our team, find the most relevant treatment strategy based on evidence-based research

This is what you get:

NOK 8 000


 of local and international guidelines and evaluation of planned course of treatment. learn more
NOK 6 000
OVERVIEW of your biomarkers
MAPPING of biomarkers that may be useful for you to test for ➔ learn more
NOK 8 000
based on your genetic profile and your preferences
NOK 16 000

CLINICAL STUDIES you may be a candidate to participate in
learn more
Duration: 60 min
The Coremine Vitae Team will present the findings from the report. After the presentation, you will receive questions that you can bring to your doctor's appointment, in addition to the report. learn more
NOK 2 000


DIRECT COMMUNICATION LINE to your Coremine Vitae Coordinator
FOLLOW-UP after three and six months
SPECIAL PREFERENCES beyond the Coremine Vitae Modules

NOK 40 000

NOK 34 000

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The Coremine Vitae report helped me in my medical evaluation. It also helped me take the right decision as to which surgery and treatment I should have in line with my surgeon and doctor’s recommendation. It helped me see the global context as the report gave insight on what goes on in other countries and mentioned the medical trials taking place. It also helped me ask the right questions to my surgeon and oncologist.

Breast Cancer Patient, London, England

Vi ble gjort kjent med Coremine Vitae via bekjente etter at vår sønn fikk påvist uhelbredelig kreft. Fra vår første kontakt opplevde vi at teamet var seriøse og profesjonelle. Vi ble godt ivaretatt, og det var viktig å kunne diskutere våre tanker og spørsmål med noen utenfor det offentlige systemet som innehadde den nødvendige kompetansen. I vår situasjon var det viktig å være oppdatert på den nyeste forskningen og vite at ingenting skulle være uprøvd. Ettersom det offentlige er bundet av et strengt rammeverk med hensyn til hva som er etablert behandling og det tar lang tid fra utprøving av nye legemidler til det blir tilgjengelig i klinikken, var Coremine Vitae essensielt for oss.

Ragnhild Hylland Hansen, mor til pasient

Coremine Vitae har vært og er en god støtte for meg og min ektemann. Materialet fra Coremine Vitae har økt vårt kompetansenivå om kreftsykdommen og gjort oss i stand til å stille relevante spørsmål om behandlingsvalg, og ved behov også utfordre behandlende leger, både på onkologisk og kirurgisk avdeling. Vi er godt fornøyde med dialogen med Coremine Vitae. De yter svært god service, er effektive og tilgjengelige.

Ingjerd Vestengen, Pasient

Gjennom samarbeidet med PubGene har mange av Hjernesvulstforeningens medlemmer fått tilgang på sin egen CoreMine Vitae rapport som et supplement til sin ordinære behandling. Hjernesvulstpasienter i Norge har ikke noe standardisert verktøy for samvalg og beslutningsstøtte. Gjennom rapporten har de fått råd om aktuelle behandlinger som er tilpasset deres personlige medisinske profil, basert på deres genetiske profil og sykdommen. Rapporten har dermed medvirket til at pasienten i større grad kan ta beslutninger om behandling og muligheter for deltakelse i kliniske studier, gjennom å legge bedre til rette for samvalg.

Rolf J. Ledal, Generalsekretær i Hjernesvulstforeningen

The Coremine Vitae Modules

Standard of Care

The standard of care module includes a comparison of the local and international guidelines for standard of care and provides the patient with information about the next steps in their journey.  

In the clinical pathway section, we provide a graphical illustration of the patient’s journey (so far) and the possibilities of treatment in the future.  

The module is personalized to each patient taking into consideration previous treatments, biomarkers tested, performance status, age etc.  

The knowledge we provide with future options empowers the patient and prepares them for what the next steps on their journey are. Subsequently, they will be able to ask their treating physicians the right questions and have more fruitful discussions about their future treatments.  

In addition, comparing the national to the international guidelines may provide the physician with information about additional possibilities that could be important for the future treatment of the patient.    

It is common that the patients get too little information from the hospital about the future steps in their treatment journey. Being aware of the next steps empowers the patient with knowledge and gives them the possibility to discuss and potentially influence their future treatments by being informed about the different possibilities. Furthermore, it offers the patient reassurance that the treatment they are/will be getting is the ‘golden standard’.


The biomarkers module contains an overview of predictive biomarkers relevant to the disease in question. Predictive biomarkers can predict the outcome (favourable or unfavourable) after exposure to a particular treatment. They are used to identify individuals that are more likely to have a response to a medical agent or intervention. The response could be a symptomatic benefit, improved survival, or an adverse effect.  

We include predictive biomarkers that are both recommended by guidelines (national/international) and emerging meaning that they are not yet approved for the particular cancer/disease type, nevertheless, with potential targeted therapies available.  

Biomarkers can guide decision making in various steps of the patient’s journey ranging from early to later stages of disease development. This will help the patient be offered more personalised treatment options that will better fit the patient either as part of standard of care or emerging treatments options (clinical trials or off-label use).

Knowing your biomarkers is of great importance as a biomarker i) has the potential to predict treatment outcome, meaning it can provide information on whether a patient will have a favourable/unfavourable response to a particular treatment and ii) may give the patient eligibility for receiving targeted therapy either as part of standard of care or an emerging treatment through a clinical trial or off-label use.

Clinical Trial

The clinical trials module provides a list of clinical trials that the patient fulfils/may fulfil the criteria for inclusion in the future. We include clinical trials both locally (f. ex. Norway) but also internationally (Europe, Western World, Rest of the World) according to treatment evidence and the patient’s preferences. For a clinical trial to be included in the report, the treatment being offered must have shown promising results for the cancer in question.

The patient and their treating physician may use the list of clinical trials to make shared decisions on the best options for the patient, taking location and the treatment evidence into consideration. We are providing links with scientific articles and news so that the patient and their treating physician are able to investigate further the evidence for a particular treatment. Furthermore, the emerging treatment section is also summarizing the evidence of the various treatments being investigated.

The clinical trials included in the report depend on the stage of the patient journey (new diagnosed, stable remission, recurrence etc.) and cover active treatment/intervention trials (curative/palliative intent) or maintenance/lifestyle trials for the patient’s current status or future disease status.  

Clinical trials investigate new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. Treatments include new drugs and combinations, interventions such as surgical procedures, radiotherapies, and devices or new ways to use existing therapies. There are available clinical trials for patients throughout their disease journey ranging among others from newly diagnosed, recurrent, refractory disease and stable remission.  

The current standard of care usually follows the ‘one fits all’ model and therefore might not work well for some patients. Furthermore, when the standard of care or available treatment options are being exhausted patients may not have any other promising options available. Through clinical trials, the patients gain access to new treatments not available to the public, increased follow-up and expert medical care. The novel therapies or add-ons to the standard of care offered through clinical trials may result in improved treatment outcomes for the patients.  

Emerging Treatment

In the experimental treatments’ module, the patient receives a list of the most promising emerging treatments, based on scientific evidence, which are relevant for the disease in question and are likely to be accessible via a recruiting clinical trial or off-label use (use of an approved drug for an unapproved indication e.g., cancer type).  

Furthermore, we are providing extended information about each intervention mentioned in the list containing data about whether the intervention is FDA approved and we provide evidence from previous clinical studies to support the relevance of the intervention for the patient. Only emerging treatments with good evidence and promising results are included in this section.  

The emerging treatment options are tailored to the patient’s profile (e.g., stage of disease, received treatments, biomarkers) as well as preferences.  

The patient and their treating physician may use the experimental treatments module as a guide to the next line of treatment, particularly when standard of care options have been exhausted and/or are not optimal for the patient.

The patient could get an emerging treatment either as an add-on to existing standard of care or as a next line of therapy. The treatment could possibly be prescribed by the treating physician publicly or more likely privately. With the supporting evidence we are providing the treating physician could determine which would be the best treatment for the patient.

The emerging treatments, which are personalised to the patient, could potentially offer a better treatment outcome for the patients either as an add-on to standard of care or as next line of therapy and in particular when standard of care options have been exhausted or are not optimal for the patient.

Patient Presentation

The presentation further empowers the patient as they get to ask questions and discuss the report's content/summary. After discussing with the scientific team, the patient feels more prepared for their future meeting with their treating physician. The presentation can also be used as a structured summary of the report. The patient may also request from the scientific team to present for their treating physician.  

The presentation further empowers the patient as they get to ask questions and discuss the report's content/summary. After discussing with the scientific team, the patient feels more prepared for their future meeting with their treating physician. The presentation can also be used as a structured summary of the report. The patient may also request from the scientific team to present for their treating physician.

The presentation is a unique product that is highly valued by patients. The patient gets the chance to ask questions directly to a multidisciplinary team composed of scientists and medical doctors. ‘

One of the main challenges that patients come across with the current health care system is that the health personnel are very busy, and subsequently have limited time to spend with patients. It is not uncommon for patients to feel that they are not being heard, not getting sufficient information about their disease and future steps in their journey or being supported. During the presentation, the patients feel that they can be heard, discuss their uncertainties and fears surrounding the disease, get better informed about their disease and future steps, and get advice from the scientific team. The presentation further empowers the patient to feel more prepared for future discussions and decisions with their treating physicians.

We put the patient first
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Frequelty Asked Questions

How Does it work?

How do I access my medical records?

You might have access to some of your medical records digitally, while some might be requested from your hospital through an official request sent by mail. You can download our guide to access your medical records here:

Download Veiledning here
Download Anmodning here

Which medical records do you need from me?

We need the following documents: 1. Latest epicrises from your treating hospital 2. Descriptions of CT/MRI pictures (from radiology) 3. Blood tests including tumour markers (if taken) 4. Histology report/and or genetic analysis (from pathology) 5. Other evaluations and/or reports which is done regarding diagnosis or treatment

How do I send you my medical records?

We prefer that you upload the relevant medical records digitally in our secure platform. If it is more convenient for you, you can also send us the medical records my mail. Your patient coordinator will assist you in sending us your medical records.

How do you store and handle my personal data?

Coremine Vitae follows all regulations on data security. You can read our privacy policy here

Privacy Policy

Why do we have to use a secure portal?

We take your health seriously. Because of the sensitive nature of medical information Coremine Vitae is legally and morally compelled to keep and handle your information in a secure portal

When will I receive my report?

To produce a personalized medical report requires time and resources, and the time spent on each report will vary from case to case. In the first conversation with your patient coordinator mapping out your needs, we will make an estimate for when the report is expected to be finished. We aim for 2-3 weeks from receiving all of your medical records.

In which language will the report be written?

The main report which is meant to share with your clinician will be in English. Because the content in the report is complex and meant for your clinician, we provide you with a patient friendly summary. For Norwegian patients, the summary will be in Norwegian. The communication and presentation can be in either English or Norwegian.

Can you send the report to my doctor?

If your doctor wishes to receive the report from us and you consent to share the report, we can send it directly to your doctor, but you would have to provide us with the contact details. We will write a cover letter to your doctor to explain how the report is meant to be used. We can also discuss your report with your doctor, or he/she can attend the presentation of the report

Does Coremine Vitae provide genetic testing?

Coremine Vitae does not perform genetic testing. We interpret the results and give you a comprehensive analysis. We will assist you in finding where you can do a genetic testing.

Does Coremine Vitae provide medical care?

Coremine Vitae does not provide medical care. We are a team of scientists and medical doctors evaluating the evidence of research relevant to you and your treatment options

Can Coremine Vitae diagnose me?

Coremine Vitae is not able to diagnose you, only your doctor can provide a valid diagnosis

Does Coremine Vitae provide legal or medical advice?

Coremine Vitae does not provide legal or medical advice. We find personalized information about your treatment options for you to discuss with your doctor and aid decision making about your next steps.

Does Coremine Vitae have doctors who can subscribe medicines for me?

The doctors at Coremine Vitae cannot subscribe drugs. We find information about emerging treatment options and potential drugs that can be accessed off-label. The information about how to access these treatments should be discussed with your doctor.

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