“The field of personalised medicine has advanced rapidly and for some life-threatening conditions – tailored medical treatment is increasingly becoming essential to enhanced care for such conditions. At our clinic, we believe in accessing the most up-to-date biomedical information. Indeed, the Coremine Vitae report provides us with cutting edge biomedical information on individual patient cases and assists us in our therapeutic recommendations.”

Jon Helge Haugnæss

Clinician, Moloklinikken

As a person with a life changing disease, Coremine Vitae empowers you with actionable insight to determine the best treatment options for you. Our researchers offer you comprehensive bioinformatic analysis and support throughout your healthcare journey.

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What is Coremine Vitae

Coremine Vitae is a comprehensive biomedical intelligence report centered on your individual molecular profile and is unique to you, just like your fingerprint. It takes into account things like your disease, medication history, biomarkers and more.

Our researchers work with you and your healthcare provider to interpret the results with the purpose of creating the ideal therapeutic plan for you. In some cases where a treatment plan exists, patients use Coremine Vitae as a second opinion.

By harnessing the powerful combination of both human and machine intelligence. We use our propriety medical research engine built on modern, open technology that examines the latest globally available science on treatments, clinical trials and lifestyle guidance matching your individual DNA. This is coupled with the insight provided by our team of clinicians, scientists, advisors, faculty, and information technologists.

Beyond the report, our team works with you & your caregivers to relay this information to the healthcare providers who treat you so that both they and you can act on it. Coremine Vitae offers the comprehensive insight needed to make the best possible decisions about your treatment plan.

We do this case by case because your health is unique. By finding the right treatment at the right time for each individual patient, we aim to enhance & extend lives.

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Our services

How we work

With you and your needs in mind. Coremine Vitae comprises details about clinical guidelines, molecular biomarkers, treatments, clinical trials, and research, as well as information on how lifestyle can affect treatment and the course of disease. Content and information in Coremine Vitae is regularly updated, and the patient will get alerts on possible new treatments and relevant research documentation. We offer a personal touch and help you understand and interpret the results of your report and continue to follow up throughout your healthcare journey.

We match your personal medical data with the latest science based treatment options available globally.

  • We have an exploratory conversation
  • You register on our secure platform, sending your medical information

Our researchers consider the best options for you based on your DNA. We assist you & your Healthcare provider in finding the best care plan for you including clinical trials and documentation for second opinions.

  • Experts review & match your data with all possible interventions globally
  • Biomedical intelligence report delivered to you securely
  • We walk you through so you can discuss with your Healthcare provider 

You stay in touch with our digital care coordinator. We alert you and your local Healthcare team if we spot risk or a potential change of treatment plan.

  • We continue to watch for scientific discoveries related to your unique profile
  • Throughout treatment & remission we send you flash alerts and planned periodic updates as our knowledge base grows

Why personalised medicine?

Because your health is unique

Coremine Vitae is powered by advances in the rapidly evolving field of precision medicine. With the explosion of data & machine learning, our understanding of genetics and genomics as well as how they drive health, disease and drug responses in each person is enabling Healthcare providers to offer better disease prevention, more accurate diagnoses and safer & more effective treatment options for the myriad of diseases and conditions in existence.

Tailored medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient and her or his molecular profile makes “one patient, one therapy” actually possible. Coremine Vitae takes into account the whole person and the complete medical profile. This is by far the most effective means of identifying the optimal treatment plan. Patients no longer have to hope a standard one size fits all approach works.


We examine your complete medical story, including your history and lifestyle as well as the profile of your disease and your individual DNA. We do this in the context of the latest available scientific knowledge of treatments, clinical trials and lifestyle guidance around the world.

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