News and views about Coremine Vitae and personalised healthcare.

Pubgene’s digital health Coremine Vitae obtained CE-mark

We are proud to announce that our digital health platform for personalised medicine, Coremine Vitae, obtained the CE-mark Class I Medical Device, testament of the quality and compliance with all the health, safety, cybersecurity, and performance required by the European legislation.   Finding personalized treatment options Coremine Vitae is intended to aid in the personalised and shared clinical decision. It is indicated for patients with

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What we’re reading

Here is a quick roundup of the great pieces we’ve been reading lately: Men and women are obviously biologically different. Yet, “for decades medicine has worked on the basis that we are fundamentally the same. Remarkably, many of the drugs we commonly use have been trialled almost exclusively on males.” Check out

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6 non-negotiable values Coremine Vitae lives by

After a year and a half of helping people around us, it is time to grow our personalized medicine services digitally and reach out to more people. With scaling comes hard choices. We want to let you know that we will not give away the values that made us to what we are now. Here are our set of rules, where we commit to excellence no matter what.

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PubGene at #osloinsilico2019

Our Subject Matter Expert Anne Lise Børresen Dale – internationally famous in the field of Breast Cancer – invited PubGene to the workshop organized by the faculty of Medicine of Oslo, bringing international experts in fields such as systems medicine, mathematical oncology and bioinformatics to discuss novel clinical trial concepts for personalized cancer medicine.

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PubGene pitching Coremine Vitae to Health Economics students

PubGene was one of the 10-ish companies that pitched to recruit Health Economics students, an opportunity organized by Norway HealthTech. Our mission is to make personalized medicine available to all, not only to the wealthy.  That means, we need solid proof of the socio-economic value in our negotiations with health insurances, and

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