Views and news about Coremine Vitae and personalised healthcare.

July 2019, Personalised medicine

Here is a quick roundup of the great pieces we’ve been reading lately

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June 2019, Digital Health

After a year and a half of helping people around us, it is time to grow our personalized medicine services digitally and reach out to more people. With scaling comes hard choices. We want to let you know that we will not give away the values that made us to what we are now. Here are our set of rules, where we commit to excellence no matter what.


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May 2019, Health Economics

PubGene pitched to recruit Health Economics students, an opportunity organized by Norway HealthTech at Oslo Science Park.

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May 2019, Bioinformatics

Our Subject Matter Expert Anne Lise Børresen Dale invited PubGene to the workshop “Towards in silico-guided clinical trials in cancer”, bringing international experts in fields such as systems medicine, mathematical oncology and bioinformatics to discuss novel clinical trial concepts for personalized cancer medicine. Here are just a few of the highlights.


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May 2019, Digital Health

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to get your own medical records from hospitals and other healthcare providers? Have you experienced that none of the medical doctors you encounter have the whole picture?

The country of Norway decided to tackle this problem 6 years ago, by launching the “One Citizen, One Health Record” program. How is this going in practice? Clinicians and IT professionals told their reality at the annual eHealth conference organized by the Data Association and the Medical Association of Norway.

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