Arne Engebreth Færden MD. Ph.D.

Personal Information

Date of birth: 29/05/1956

Country of birth: Norway

Nationality: Norwegian

Certification as General Surgeon in 1993 after surgical training at Oslo University Hospital and Elverum Hospital.

Certification as Gastrointestinal Surgeon in 1996 after 3 more years of surgical training at Akeershus University Hospital were I have been employed ever since.

2001-2015     – Consultant surgeon and Head of colorectal unit, Akershus University Hospital 

2015-present – Consultant surgeon Akesrshus University Hospital

Aug 2020- Jan 2021 – Associate Professor University Of Oslo, Professor II

I defended my Ph.d  in 2010  at the  University of  Oslo with the thesis  ”Surgical, diagnostic and histopathological refinements in colorectal cancer”.  The studies were done without leave from full time clinical work.

I have been the  main supervisor for Marie Luise Sunde`s  Ph.d studies  from 2014 until 2018 .  Dissertation was in  February last year  at the University of Oslo  with the thesis “ Studies on the ileal pouch anal anastomosis.” At the moment  I am co supervisor for two Ph. d candidates in our Department .

Academicically I am active in the community nationally and international. I have been member of the reference group of the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Registry since 2002, which  among many other things have been responsible for the publication of the Norwegian Guidelines for diagnostic and treatment of Colorectal cancer on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of of Health  ( Nasjonalt handlingsprogram med retningslinjer for diagnostikk, behanddling og oppfølging av kreft I tykktarm og endetarm).

From 2010 until January 2019 I was the leader of postgraduate education board (Spesialitetskomiteen) in Gastrointestinal Surgery in Norway. Besides yearly tasks with certification of the education institutions, the education board finished in 2018 the elaboration of new formal requirements for the speciality in Gastrointestinal Surgery on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

My international connections are broad and solid and will be of great support for this position. I will mention briefly that I have visited Bill Heald, the founder of modern rectal cancer surgery (Total Mesorectal Excision-TME), in Basingstoke UK, and have been on a three weeks study visit in Japan by Professor Yoshihiro Moriya at the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo, high-ligthening lateral node dissection in rectal cancer, and visited the Majo Clinic in Rochester USA for one week, were I also gave a lecture on my sentinel node study.

My research has been closely linked to my clinical work. I do  have a special interest and huge expertice in colorectal cancer and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) surgery, included IPAA (Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis) and continent ileostomy (Kocks reservoar) surgery, to which my research also has been connected. Up to now my academic work has been on top of full time clinical work.