About us

Coremine Vitae is a patient-centered biomedical company. Our wish is to give everyone the opportunity to receive personalized medicine by producing evidence-based information about the best treatment options based on the patient's profile and biomarkers.

Coremine Vitae has a broad scientific background with "state of the art" knowledge in molecular biology, biomedicine, oncology and medicine. Most of the people in our analysis team have a PhD and extensive experience from research and clinical patient care.

We have participated and are participating in a number of research projects in collaboration with leading medical environments in Norway and Europe.

The Coremine Vitae team collaborates with PubGene AS in the research project "Coremine Vitae - to identify personalized treatment options for cancer patients" where Haukeland University Hospital and Sykehuset Innlandet are partners. The research project has support from the Research Council of Norway and includes both the development of analysis tools and the implementation of Coremine Vitae analyzes for patients in order to generate information about relevant treatments.

We work closely with PubGene AS and Vitae Evidence AS, which provide complementary knowledge in bioinformatics and tool support for our medical analysts.

Our people


The Science Team

Maria Mastrangelopoulou
Leader of Scientific Team

PhD in medicine from University of Oslo​

Expertise in the field of Neuroscience and Neuro-oncology

Pegah Abdollahi
Coremine Vitae Analyst

PhD in cancer research and Molecular medicine ​

Expertise in cancer biology and tumor immunology

Kathleen Heck
Coremine Vitae Analyst

MSc. In Molecular Medicine from Trinity College, Dublin​

Experience with clinical diagnostics, In-Vitro Diagnostics and cancer research

John Stacy
Coremine Vitae Analyst​

PhD in Genetics from the University of Oslo​

Arne Færden
Medical advisor

General Surgeon and Gastrointestinal Surgeon​

Head of Colorectal Unit at AHUS between 2001 and 2015​

PhD from the University of Oslo

The Management Team

Jorun Ruud
Chairman of the Board

MSc Marketing Science

Over 25 years of experience in business- and product development and management

Frida Næss-Ulseth

MSc Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU​

Former cancer patient

Martine Retting

Master in Political Science from NTNU and UiO​

Responsible for the operational strategy and implementation

Marketing and Sales

Vanessa Brito Canzonieri
UX and Marketing​

Background in engineering from Venezuela​

User research and product development


Marit Inngjerdingen​

Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo

​Leads the research group "Congenital lymphocytes and cancer"​

Founder and managing director of the company Cellmover, which develops peptides for cellular immunotherapy.​

Mark Tyrrell​

Doctor and Medical Advisor

​Over 13 years experience as a GP in England

​Medical Director and General Manager of Vitae Evidence​

Tor Kristian Jenssen​

Founded PubGene while completing his PhD.

Over 20 years of experience in bioinformatics, text mining and informatics for precision therapies. ​

Tor Kristian combines a technical background with supporting clinical decisions and QA for the Coremine Vitae analysts.

Anne-Lise Børresen Dale​

Professor Emerita at the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and Radium Hospital.

​Anne-Lise is among the leading geneticists in research into molecular biology within breast cancer. ​

In 2022, Anne-Lise was ranked No. 1 in Norway in research.com's selection of the best female researcher.

Anne Lise Børresen-Dale: H-index & Awards - Academic Profile | Research.com

Bjarte Reve
Partner Development

Over 20 years of experience from private and public healthcare​

Former Chief Communications Officer at Akershus University Hospital (AHUS)​

Developed Helseinnovatørskolen together with UiO, NTNU and Karolinska Institutet