5 Reliable blogs for Cancer Information

Many people who are navigating cancer information, or love someone who is, are using the internet to find information about their symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatments, and lifestyle advice – often causing more anxiety than relief.  Did you know cyberchondria refers to a person’s anxiety about their health that is created or exacerbated by using the internet to search for medical information. Therefore, we advise to make sure you only trust information from reliable sources. Information from government agencies, hospitals, universities, and medical journals provide evidence-based information and are sources you can trust. If someone makes claims that are too good to be true, remember—they usually are and can be incorrect or misleading. Below, Coremine Analysts point you to five cancer blogs that comes from reliable sources and stand out because of their ability to educate and inspire readers.

1. Cancer.Net Blog

AboutCancer.Net provides timely, comprehensive, oncologist-
approved information to help patients and families make
informed health care decisions.
Frequency1 post / day
Coronavirus and COVID-19: What People With Cancer Need to Know
Experts agree that the COVID-19 vaccine may be
recommended for people with cancer, cancer survivors, and
those currently on cancer treatment, including chemotherapy
and immunotherapy…’

2. Cancer Research UK's Science Blog

AboutScience Update blog covers the latest cancer research,
including that funded by the charity. It also highlights other
relevant material, debunk myths and media scares, and
provide links to other helpful resources. Cancer Research UK
promotes life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.
Frequency8 posts / month
Cancer services during COVID-19: 40,000 fewer people
starting treatment

‘Cancer surgery has been the most heavily impacted for a
number of reasons, a big one being intensive care capacity.
For certain cancer operations, you can’t start the surgery
unless there’s a bed in intensive care guaranteed to be

3. Cancerwise from MD Anderson

AboutCancerwise features cancer patient and caregiver stories,
expert insight, research breakthroughs and clinical
innovations, healthy living information.
Frequency6 posts/ week
noteworthy post
Fact-check: 9 myths about the COVID-19 vaccines
‘The side effects for the COVID-19 vaccines are very similar
to those that people experience when they get the flu shot. If
you've had the flu shot and you've done OK, you'll probably
do just fine with the COVID-19 vaccine..’

4. Cancer Research Catalyst

AboutCancer Research Catalyst is the Official Blog of the American
Association for Cancer Research. The mission of the American
Association for Cancer Research is to prevent and cure cancer
through research, education, communication, and
Frequency1 post/week
noteworthy post
Experts Forecast Cancer Research and Treatment Advances in 2021 ‘Identifying and addressing the obstacles to cancer
screening will also be important. In 2021, a major
hurdle will be the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has
already led to a dramatic decline in screening rates…’ 

5. Insight

AboutDana-Farber Cancer Institute is committed to providing
expert, compassionate care to children and adults with
cancer, while advancing the understanding, treatment, cure,
and prevention of cancer and related diseases.
Frequency3 posts / month
noteworthy post
What Should I Do After I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
‘People who receive a COVID-19 vaccine need to continue
taking safety precautions to protect others from COVID-19.
It is currently unclear whether getting the COVID-19 vaccine will prevent you from spreading the virus…’