Pubgene’s digital health Coremine Vitae obtained CE-mark

We are proud to announce that our digital health platform for personalised medicine, Coremine Vitae, obtained the CE-mark Class I Medical Device, testament of the quality and compliance with all the health, safety, cybersecurity, and performance required by the European legislation.  

Finding personalized treatment options

Coremine Vitae is intended to aid in the personalised and shared clinical decision. It is indicated for patients with cancer, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. It analyses the patient’s medical record and preferences to identify genetic and molecular tests, and to provide tailored information on treatment optionsA secure web application provides patients and clinicians with convenient access to Coremine Vitae and to our trained expert team.  

The result of preclinical studies with clinicians, patients, and subject matter experts

This CE-certification is the result of a year-long collaboration with clinicians, patient representatives, and subject matter experts to design actionable, ethical, and collaborative personalised medicine insight reports. We are proud of the tremendous efforts from our team, who got trained to apply quality standard-based methodology 


Coremine Vitae can now be offered to healthcare providers and their patients in Europe.

Safety, quality, and clinical value by design

Obtaining this certification is an important milestone for us at Coremine Vitae. Our users are counting on us for life decisions. This brings great responsibilities on usand we work with dedication every day to deserve our users’ trust. Our solution is based on solid research. Our objective with this certification is to be regarded as a medical application and to provide the transparency necessary for its adoption by healthcare providers and institutions, and eventually by healthcare insurances. This was an obvious step in our mission towards making personalised medicine available to all 

Healthcare providers and Coremine Vitae

Coremine Vitae enables clinicians to tailor therapies by using patients’ genetic and other molecular informationOur bioinformaticians and Subject Matter Experts work with healthcare providers to select biomarker tests and to translate the Coremine Vitae analysis into medical decisions.  Clinicians sharing Coremine Vitae’s Biomedical Intelligence report with their patients see an improvement in the patient’s confidence in the scheduled treatment program, knowing that they are doing all that is globally possible as well as keeping them informed and more actively involved in their treatment process.  

To perform CE-marked Coremine Vitae analysis, your physician needs to be involved. Contact Us to access the list of healthcare providers that already use Coremine Vitae or to order an information sheet for your physician. 

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