Introducing Jimita Toraskar: Coremine Vitae’s newest member of our Case Analysis Team

Jimita joined PubGene to work in the Coremine Vitae’s Case Analysis team where she analyses patient cases, identifies treatment options and conducts research. As both a Pharmacist and PhD in Medicine, her background is a perfect complement to the team. Learn more about Jimita, her expectations for joining the team and her experience so far…

Name: Jimita Toraskar

Location: Oslo, Norway

Current role: Scientist/Coremine Vitae Case Analyst

Jimita, tell us about yourself.

Have you ever wondered why some medicines are given in a tablet form and others in a capsule? Have you ever opened a capsule to see what’s inside it? As a kid, I used to slip away my mom’s eye and pull out the medicine drawer (Well, child locks were not so common 30 years ago!).  One of my first experiment was to see which tablets gave out bubbles in water and which did not…

Was that how your love of pharmacy began?

Yes, It is no surprise that I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy and took the ‘Oath of Pharmacist’ in 2011.

This was the beginning of my professional journey…

Tell us about the rest of your educational journey.

Later, I pursued a Master’s in Biopharmaceutical Sciences and specialised in toxicology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. My Master thesis described how to identify novel therapeutic combinations for breast cancer whereas my PhD thesis focused on identification of biomarkers in metastatic breast cancer. In 2018, I was awarded PhD in Medicine from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


What's been a highlight of your journey so far?

From a very young-age, I have intentionally travelled to places where I have experienced multi-cultural work environments. I have worked at research institutions in Egypt, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. These experiences have been very rewarding and also fundamental in my career.


When did you start?

I started at PubGene in August 2019

Where did you work prior?

Norwegian University of Science and Technology- Dept. of Clinical and Molecular Medicine

What research/medical focus do you specialize in?

Cancer research, especially Breast Cancer.

Why did you join PubGene vis a vis other options?

New concepts such as the Coremine Vitae biomedical intelligence reports have tremendous value and are much needed in the cancer market. There is an overwhelming amount of information available and it can be confusing at best and inaccurate at worst if not properly vetted and structured. My years of experience in pre-clinical research has trained me to provide structured information. I joined PubGene because I felt my contribution matters here! Its all about feeling self-motivated at work.

Can you walk us through what a typical day entails for you?

What tasks do you tend to work on?

As a Coremine Vitae Case Analyst, I research to provide scientifically accurate and balanced information for clinical management. My expertise in literature surveillance and strong disease state background further facilitates the building of biomedical intelligence reports. My daily tasks also include quality control of Coremine Vitae reports and assisting in strategic business development.

Ratio of time on one task vs. another, etc.

Majority of my time is devoted to analysing patient data and building a meaningful biomedical intelligence report. This is at the heart of what I do!

How would you describe what it’s like to work at PubGene?

What is your experience working here?

This job is much more demanding than any of my previous jobs, and for good reason. Here, every case is a new case and is handled extremely carefully, depending on the priorities of the patient. I can contribute 100% of what I have to offer professionally because at PubGene, my duties and responsibilities are clearly defined.

It’s a well-structured team!

What do people value around here?

My colleagues at PubGene give utmost importance to quality.  If the work load is high, we share the responsibilities. Its easier to deliver quality when you know your team has your back!

What is it like to liaise with patients?

My interaction with patients has been limited so far, but that is by design. At PubGene, we have a Case officer who coordinates with patients and transfers all sensitive information to our system. This way we ensure that there is someone who can quickly respond to the patients.  We intentionally ensure our patients and customers have a single point of contact with whom they can build a rapport and trust.


Complete this sentence, “About Coremine Vitae, I think our patients would say...

Coremine Vitae made me aware of the options I have.” or “I feel powerful because I am aware of the options that are best for me.”

What’s the one thing you would like our patients and customers to know?

While we do not make decisions for you, we do provide decisive information with actionable insight for you and your healthcare provider to make the best possible decision regarding your individual health journey.

Something we spend a lot of effort on that may not be so visible.

At Coremine Vitae, we do not count the number of hours required to analyse each case.

So, I can take my time to analyse each report and search for specific/relevant information. Again, quality is of the utmost importance to us.

The amount of human expertise that goes into quality assuring the machine learning contribution to our reports

‘At Coremine Vitae, quality is everyone’s responsibility.’ Though machine learning provides us with a significant amount of information, it does require human expertise to assure its quality. I would say its 50 % machine and 50 % human expertise.

Do you have any hobbies?

I often enjoy painting and poetry. It makes me happy.

Lastly but not least, what’s your favourite thing about living in Oslo/Norway?

Living in Norway has made me healthier and fitter without realising it! There are many easily accessible hiking trails to explore and each one gifts you a magnificent view to remember.

When you’re in Norway, you just can get enough of the beautiful nature!